This Privacy Policy was updated on 22nd May 2018.

Forward Role reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy and the latest version available at will apply. Forward Role encourage you to regularly review this page for the latest information.

This Privacy Policy endeavours to explain how 'Role Calling! Recruitment Limited' trading as 'Forward Role' (known for the purposes of this policy as Forward Role) obtain, process, use and protect any personal information. Role Calling! Recruitment Limited are a company incorporated in England and Wales with a registered company number of 07638590 and registered offices at:

4th Floor Croxley House,
14 Lloyd Street,
M2 5ND

This policy refers to information held by Forward Role and does not refer to information held by an employer, a potential employer, an umbrella company or any other person or organisation involved with any particular process, whereby the passing of your information is necessary and always agreed by the individual. To find out more you must go directly to the relevant organisation and refer to their Privacy Policy.

Forward Role is an employment and recruitment agency, providing recruitment and consultancy services to candidates and clients. Specialising in analytics, agency, creative, digital, marketing and technology, at all levels, for both permanent and temporary positions.

Forward Role’s reason for being is to find the brightest talent for clients and to find candidates the best jobs. To do this Forward Role need to hold relevant information, in order to provide the best possible service.

Forward Role completely respect your right to privacy. Therefore in the first instance, if you have any queries, issues or would like further information, please email

How do Forward Role obtain your information?

Forward Role will only ever use your information when there is an explicit, necessary reason and the way in which your information is obtained will be via one of the following channels:

  • Through registering with Forward Role as a candidate including but not exclusive of; registering interest through this website; calling the main number; contacting an employee of Forward Role.
  • Through supplying information via the Salary Survey tool on this website
  • Through any social media channel, resulting in a conversation and an exchange of details
  • By responding to an advert via social media
  • By responding to an advert posted on a job board
  • From your business card
  • From using Forward Role’s website
  • From any other third party website
  • From a referral or recommendation
  • From details Forward Role has received, in both the past and present, when working to provide recruitment or consultative work.
  • From matching a CV to a role that Forward Role is working on for a client, from a job board, social media site, CV library or uploaded by the candidate themselves.

What information does Forward Role typically hold on you?

Forward Role will only ever collect the minimum amount of data that is needed to fulfil legitimate business interest and enable us to present the best candidates to clients and the best roles to candidates.

For the purposes of explaining what information Forward Role holds on its ‘users’, all users have been segmented into five different categories; candidates, clients and umbrella companies, consultants, previous consultants and website users. There will be occasions where you may fall into numerous, and occasionally all, categories, so please read carefully all of the relevant sections.


The information held is generally in the form of;

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Job title

In addition to this, if you have been previously, or are currently, a candidate or consultant, in which Forward Role has worked with to find a role, or have been employed by Forward Role, it is possible that Forward Role may also have;

  • A copy of your CV
  • Details on recruitment processes
  • Bank details
  • Skills and experience
  • Professional qualifications
  • Employment history, including but not exclusive to your current and previous positions, job titles and employers.
  • Current and expected salary
  • Right to work, including but not exclusive to:
    • A copy of your passport details (including photograph)
    • Visa details
    • Citizenship
    • UTR details
    • Any other information required by law for us to provide recruitment or consultative services
  • Any other information published openly by you on your CV, an application form, social media profile, job boards or any other media.
  • References and details of referees*
  • Emergency contact details*
  • Pre-screening information, including but not exclusive to criminal convictions.
  • Details of your umbrella company and the contract for services with said umbrella company, including but not exclusive to;
    • Charge rates
    • Timesheets
    • Details of the work performed
  • Email communications (including any attachments)
  • Details of verbal communication, written in note form after the event (calls will not be recorded unless specifically stated and agreed to by all parties).

*Referees and Emergency Contacts – Forward Role only retain basic contact information supplied by a candidate or consultant, to be used only in the case of an emergency relating to that individual.

How Forward Role collect this information:

  • Details are downloaded from; a job board, LinkedIn or other social media site in which you have uploaded the information freely and agreed to have the information shared.  This information can be used for the purposes of direct recruitment or internal market research.
  • You contact Forward Role yourself; in response to an advert posted on LinkedIn or another social media site, a job board or a third party website.
  • You submit information through this website; using the enquiries form, Salary Survey, Job Alerts or otherwise.
  • Forward Role provide services to you in the form of recruitment, consulting or otherwise and you freely give Forward Role your details.
  • You fill in a form at a job fair or other marketing event and agree to be contacted
  • You contact Forward Role speculatively by email, telephone or otherwise

If you would like to enquire about or update the personal information in which Forward Role holds about you, you can contact at any time.


The personal information that is retained regarding you if ‘you’ are a client, contact at an umbrella company or generally if you are involved in any recruitment process, is generally in the form of;

  • Name
  • Email
  • Telephone number
  • Postal address
  • Job title
  • Role and responsibilities
  • Any details of current or past engagements where Forward Role has provided services to you, including comments on the role, the process, any future plans to use Forward Role, any other necessary information regarding the process.

How Forward Role collect this information:

  • You contact Forward Role via telephone, email, social media or any other medium to engage with Forward Role to provide a service to you.
  • Forward Role contact you to engage with you regarding services that Forward Role could provide
  • Forward Role is currently providing services or have in the past
  • Forward Role respond to an advert posted by yourselves on job boards, social media or another medium.


When using this website, Forward Role may collect the following information;

  • Preferences that you provide to Forward Role through services such as job alerts, salary surveys or marketing preferences when joining the mailing list.
  • Anonymised usage activity about how you interact with this website, including content you viewed and which areas of this site you visited.
  • Anonymised device and browser information, which may include IP address and cookies (see below for the full cookies policy).
  • Anonymised information about your computer such as your browser type, referring/exit pages and operating system.

Please note that this website contains links to other third party websites and that this Privacy Policy only applies to the personal information that Forward Role collect. Forward Role can’t be responsible for personal information that these third parties collect, store and use through their own websites. You should always read the Privacy Policy of each website you visit carefully.

Google Analytics

Like many other websites, Forward Role use Google Analytics to understand how visitors engage with websites belonging to Forward Role. If you don’t want Analytics to be used in your browser, you can install the Google Analytics browser add-on. Learn more about Google Analytics and privacy here.

Forward Role’s legal reasons for using your data and how that data is used

For candidates, clients and consultants, Forward Role always endeavour to only use relevant information and in its most minimal form. Forward Role collect, store and use this information purely for the purpose of legitimate business interest. This interest is demonstrated below: 


  • To contact you in order to help you find the best role
  • To inform you about roles or other opportunities in which Forward Role think you will be interested in
  • To find the brightest talent for clients – if Forward Role are contacting you as a candidate, Forward Role consider you to be in that category
  • To inform you of any events that Forward Role think you may be interested in and will benefit from attending
  • For internal market research; to help Forward Role serve you better
  • For recruitment purposes. For example, if you are in a recruitment process Forward Role may need more information from you, for things like filling in contracts, which is necessary to begin employment with Forward Role’s client.
  • If Forward Role think you are a perfect match to a number of clients, Forward Role will engage with those clients to offer information on you to discuss potential opportunities. Forward Role will never send out any information without your consent, in either verbal or written format and Forward Role will only send out information that you are 100% happy with.
  • Forward Role will contact you to provide information on how to apply for roles that may interest you, to ask for your CV, explain how to sign up to job alerts, explain how to apply for a variety of roles and other recruitment or marketing specific and relevant information.
  • To create a database that is relevant to ensure that Forward Role is providing clients with the brightest talent and providing the best roles for candidates
  • For financial and legal obligations and record keeping

Forward Role process this data as it is Forward Role’s legitimate business interest to provide the best quality service to you as a candidate, or client, at any time. If you wish to withdraw your consent, you can contact us via at any time and all personal data will be removed within 2 working days and you will be informed when this has been actioned.

Forward Role do not believe that the processing of this data affects your rights, but do not want to store any information that you are not happy with, at any time.


For clients, umbrella companies and other such professional services businesses, Forward Role always endeavour to only use relevant information and in its most minimal form. Forward Role collect, store and use this information purely for the purpose of legitimate business interest. This interest is demonstrated below:

  • To continue to maintain and build a relationship with you
  • To send you information relevant to the recruitment process, such as candidate specific information.
  • To contact clients occasionally to inform them of industry specific events that they may benefit from attending
  • Any industry or recruitment specific information that Forward Role have been contacted by the client to research and provide.

Forward Role will never use your information unnecessarily and do not believe that this affects your rights.


Forward Role collect and store anonymised details about website users for the purposes of aggregate marketing statistics and reporting purposes. No single individual will be identifiable from the anonymised details Forward Role collect for these purposes.

For more information about the cookies Forward Role use on this website, see below for the full Cookies Policy.

Sharing your personal information

Forward Role will only ever disclose personal information if it is necessary, as per the below:

Third Party data processors

  • IT support providers
  • Payment processers
  • Software providers
  • Analytics providers (such as Google Analytics)

Forward Role use the above providers and processers to provide the best service. All organisations are thoroughly vetted and will only process your information where necessary and Forward Role will never share your information further.

If you would like details of any of the providers and processers used by Forward Role, so that you can review their Privacy Policy please email

Legal compliance and legal proceedings

On occasion Forward Role will be contacted by legal or compliance agencies, where Forward Role is required by law to give your information.

Recruitment and consulting specific services

If Forward Role think you are a perfect match to a number of clients, Forward Role will engage with those clients to offer information on you to discuss potential opportunities. Forward Role will never send out any information without your consent, in either verbal or written format and will only send out information that you are 100% happy with.

Umbrella companies

If you are a candidate and you are supplying services through Forward Role to a client, using an umbrella company, Forward Role will need to share certain information about you. It is always your decision which umbrella company to use and if you want to use one at all.

Your rights to your personal information

You have rights to your personal information and Forward Role is always more than happy to provide you with more details on the information Forward Role hold, should you wish to enforce any of the below rights. Simply email and Forward Role will endeavour to exercise these rights within 2 working days of your request.

You have the following rights regarding your personal information and can request any of the following from Forward Role:

  • Update any of your personal information which is out of date or incorrect;
  • Delete any personal information which Forward Role is holding about you; 
  • Restrict the way that Forward Role process your personal information;
  • Prevent the processing of your personal information for direct-marketing purposes;
  • Provide details of the personal information that has been shared with a third-party provider of services; 
  • Update your email preferences*
  • Provide you with a copy of any personal information Forward Role hold about you; or
  • Consider any valid objections which you have to Forward Role‘s use of your personal information.

In certain instances, such as information in which Forward Role are legally bound to retain, Forward Role will be unable to exercise this request. On this occasion, Forward Role will inform you of what that information is and the purpose to which it cannot be removed.

*If you do not want your details to be completely removed, but no longer wish to receive job alerts for example, please get in touch via and Forward Role will unsubscribe you from such emails.

How long do Forward Role keep your information for?

Forward Role will retain information about you for a period of up to 36 months from the last date of contact. After which, Forward Role will contact you to inform you that your personal information will be deleted, unless you wish for us to retain your information. The only exception is where Forward Role is unable to delete your information due to legal or compliance reasons.

Forward Role will retain Google Analytics information for a period of 36 months. After which, it is deleted automatically on a monthly basis.

Forward Role always endeavour to provide the best possible service and Forward Role’s legitimate business interest does not override your rights. If you have any questions or concerns, please email where your enquiry will always be treated with the utmost importance.

Information security

Whilst Forward Role take all of the appropriate measures to protect your information, information transmitted via the internet is never 100% secure. Forward Role will always do the very best to protect your personal data, however can not guarantee its security and any transmission is done so at your own risk.

Cookies Policy

Use of Cookies

Forward Role want to make the use of this website easy, useful and reliable. To do this Forward Role sometimes place small amounts of information on your device. These include small files known as cookies. They cannot be used to identify you personally but they do make your experience as a visitor better.

This site automatically deploys the following cookies on visitors' devices on arrival at this website, provided cookies are not blocked by the visitors' browsers.

One of these cookies (CONCRETE5) allows Forward Role to maintain the user browsing experience and identify whether the user is logged into restricted areas. This is automatically deleted at the end of the browsing session.

The cookie (cookieNoticeDisplayed) is deployed once a visitor has been flagged about Forward Role’s use of cookies by the pop-out notice. It allows the banner to remain closed as you visit different pages on the site.

In addition, the site deploys a number of third party generated cookies because of the integration of various third party applications on the site.

The cookies of which Forward Role is aware include:

From Google

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These cookies provide Forward Role with information about the numbers of visitors and how they reached this site, they also recognise location when used with Google maps and allow the pages to be liked using Google+.

Forward Role does not have control over the cookies deployed by Google but are forced to accept them to take advantages of the services this company provides, which Forward Role believe to be of value to website visitors - their Privacy Policy which governs their use of cookies can be found here.

General Cookie Advice

You can restrict or block the cookies used by this website through your browser settings but this will impact your user experience. The Help function within your browser should tell you how.

Alternatively, you can visit which provides directions on how to block cookies on all major browsers. This site also explains how you can delete cookies that have already been stored on your computer as well as general information about cookies.

You should be aware though that restricting cookies may impact on the functionality of the websites you visit.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact Forward Role via