Forward Role Brand Workshop Day


The recent Forward Role Brand Workshop at The Worsley Marriot, followed by a spot of Clay Pigeon shooting was a fantastic day.

As former Marketers recruiting Marketers, a day looking at our own brand was a welcome breath of creativity and strategy for us all and it was invaluable to take a day out of the office to consider things such as what are our USP’s, what is our ‘Why?’ and how do we continually improve our offering?

We all embraced the cheesiness of our ice breakers; drawing what we live for outside of work was a nice way to learn more about each other’s motivations. Writing something positive anonymously about our colleagues was great fun and very insightful, although I personally could have done without the ‘a bit fat’ comment tagged on the end of one of my comments. If I recognise that handwriting someone is for the high jump…….

Aside from inspiring me to work on my waist line, the day was all about striving to be better as a business for our clients and candidates and working at functioning better as a cohesive recruitment team.

Thanks to Arena Creative for all the fantastic help with strategy and collateral for the day and a big congratulations has to go to one of our Senior Consultants Guy Walker, who won the clay pigeon shooting, and an honourable mention to our resident Aussie Michael Twist who may have come last but also realised halfway through that he is in fact NOT right-handed! This will hopefully be a good omen for the rest of the Ashes series.

Steve Thompson is the MD of Forward Role and manages Senior and Executive level Marketing, Digital and Analytical recruitment in the North West. Contact him at or call 0161 914 8499 for a chat about opportunities, finding great people, or view our latest jobs at