Attention to Detial

It's amazing how often we read CVs at Forward Role with glaring mistakes in them!

When I think back to my days working in Marketing, one of the most embarrassing moments for any of the Communications staff was when a piece of literature was signed off with an error in it. The shame that the individual felt based on the premise that customers were going to think the company was being Marketed by a bunch of half wits was tangible!

This meant that the sign off process was highly stringent; write it, check it, check it again, spell check it, check it again, get someones else to check it, get your manager to check it and then sign it off. Or something along those lines.

What I can't understand is how many Marketing Candidates can't seem to match this basic process when it comes to developing their own CV.

The idea for this blog came from (and is referred to in the title) a candidate pointing out in their CV that they had 'Excellent Attention to Detial'.

This might actually be funny if it wasn't for the fact this candidate isn't likely to be touched with a barge pole by any companies they might send their CV to.

So many candidates send CVs that have basic spelling, typo or grammar errors in them. As an agency, this tells us one of two things about a candidate; either they don't possess the skills to be a good Marketer or they feel that their CV isn't that important.

In the majority of cases it's usually the latter, candidates are busy with their day job and have rushed their CV to get it sent out in time for a job they liked the look of with an impending closing date.

So what advice can we give as an agency to help avoid these kind of mistakes?

Firstly, candidates must realise that if they are the new brand, their CV is their Advertising Launch Campaign. It's their chance to make a good first impression to someone who know's nothing about them.

Secondly, they must put aside a reasonable amount of time to produce a CV they can be proud of. That should be hours, rather than minutes!

Thirdly, use a spell check! The minimum standard for a CV that you want to be taken seriously must be no typos,spelling or grammar errors.

The majority of job applicants are regretted at CV stage by either an agency or the client. Only a select few even make interview stage in the current economic climate, such is the competition for jobs. So don't increase your chances of not making the cut by being sloppy. Put the same pride into your CV as you would a Marketing Communication, sit back and wait for those interview requests to come rolling in!

If you need any further CV advice then feel free to e-mail who will be happy to give you more tips on how to stand out from the crowd.