Online Marketing Manager

So what does it take to become an Online or Digital Marketing Manager? What is this type of position all about, and how many Online Marketing Manager roles are there in Manchester the North West and Yorkshire?

The online sphere and the growth of e-commerce has been something that has only emerged over the last decade with the advances in the internet and it's dissemination through the population.

This has transformed the Marketing Communication landscape, to such an extent that for the first time in 2009, Online Advertising became the channel with the most advertising pounds spent on it.

From a recruitment perspective this has had a dramatic effect. The North West and West Yorkshire has traditionally been a hotbed for Direct Marketing, because of the high number of Home Shopping, Retail and Financial Service businesses in the region.

Whereas these businesses where focussed on Offline Advertising and Direct Mail, prior to the internet, in more recent years they have been forced to grow online functions to keep pace with changing consumer behaviours and shopping habits.

This means that Online Marketing is now Forward Role's biggest growth area, fuelled by big business expanding their operations in this area and smaller businesses realising the opportunities that this channel presents.

An Online Marketing Manager role is getting ever more diverse. In terms of recruiting new customers, Social Media and Community Management have developed as tools to add to the SEO, PPC and Affiliate tool boxes used to drive traffic to sites.

These new channels are also very useful from a Customer Retention perspective, and are used as ways of educating, interacting with and learning more about your customers, alongside more established content management and e-mail marketing techniques.

If you add into the mix the Project Management skills that an Online Marketing Manager might need to manage IT, IS and Fulfilment elements of the role and you can see what a challenging and rewarding sphere to work in E-commerce and Online Marketing can be.

If you're interested in Online Marketing Positions in Manchester, the North West or Yorkshire, then please contact us. This is our fasting growing area of recruitment and we have a regular supply of exciting opportunities available.