Campaign Manager

So, what does a Campaign Manager or a Communications Manager do within the Direct Marketing Sphere? How many roles are there for a Campaign Manager in Manchester, the North West and Yorkshire and how has the movement towards online channels affected their role? Looking for Marketing jobs in Manchester?

Because the North West is such a hot bed for Direct Marketing, recruiting Campaign Managers and Communication Managers into businesses in the Home Shopping, Retail, Financial Services, Business Services and Gaming industries (to name a few) has been one of Forward Role's most successful areas of specialism.

Traditionally a Campaign Manager, before the growth of the online channel, would have been focussed predominantly on Direct Mail and Advertising. Today they also have to be focussed on making sure their offline communications are integrated into their online activities, or in some cases get directly involved with web marketing.

The key skill for a Campaign Manager is project management, so that campaigns can be taken through the creative, copy writing, targeting, data selection, production, execution and analysis processes on time and on budget.

This requires someone with a keen eye for detail and strong commercial skills. As all Campaign Managers know, the most important aspect of their role is to demonstrate excellent ROI levels. Having a keen eye for numbers is essential to succeed in this area of Marketing, and also very important to convey in interviews and CV's. Quantifiable achievements are very important to wow prospective employers!

If you're interested in Campaign Manager Positions in Manchester, or any marketing jobs Manchester the North West or Yorkshire, then please contact us. We have long established relationships with many of the region’s biggest employers in this sphere and as a result a regular flow of excellent positions available, from Junior Campaign Manager through to Marketing Communications Manager positions.