Track Your SEO Results With Google Analytics

There may be some of you out there that are wondering what Google Analytics is and what exactly it can do for you. If you own a website and are trying to increase traffic through various search engine optimization methods; it is quite feasible that you will be seeking an avenue in which to track those who visit to see if your campaign is working. Google Analytics provides you with outstanding information that can assist you in organizing your SEO campaign. SEO is all about using keywords that will attract the search engines. This analytic process will tell you what is working and what is not. Perhaps the best part about Google Analytics is it is free.

Let's examine some reasons as to how Google Analytics could benefit your SEO process:

  • Cost Free – Don't let the fact that this tool is free fool you. Google Analytics offers just as many effective features as most of the tools you would have to pay big money for around the Internet. In this case a free product delivers quality results.
  • Keyword Monitoring – As mentioned earlier the SEO process involves working with valuable keywords. In the beginning you will only have a basic set of keywords to work with; but as time goes by you will get a list of the other most common keywords that visitors are entering to locate your type of website. Once you learn what your prospective customers are entering for keywords you can add those to your content and cause the search engines to lead traffic to your website.
  • Link Monitoring – Knowing what pages your visitors are clicking on is good information to have when you are raging a competitive SEO campaign. Not only does it let you know what your visitors are interested in; but it also allows you to see if your SEO process is sending your prospective customers to the right pages.
  • Visitor Monitoring – It is always beneficial to know the amount of new visitors that are visiting your website. This information lets you know that your SEO campaign is working. This information will also let you know how many visitors are returning again and again and where they are coming from. This tool will keep you greatly in tune with your website visitors.
  • Website Crunching – Google analytics will provide you with a report that will allow you to begin crunching your website for optimization and performance. You will know what content is working and what is not. Keep in mind that this tool will allow you to monitor traffic and information from not only Google; but Yahoo and MSN as well.

The benefits of being able to effectively monitor your website traffic cannot be under estimated. Google analytics is a valuable tool in the hands of any competitive marketer. It is a free tool that should be taken advantage of and analyzed extensively. This is the key to tracking your own successful SEO campaign.