The Future of Web Marketing

With so many new web marketing concepts taking the stage, often it can be difficult to understand what practices are best. Seo, PPC, social networking, Blogging, to name a few.

In reality, what we are interested in is the conversion of traffic into leads, and ultimately into customers. This is the art of web marketing and once this forumla is mastered, so you change from outbound marketing, that is cold calling etc. To that of people actually finding your products and service, in bound marketing.

The following methods despite all media discussion are still the best known ways to generate quality web traffic, further they offer full means to track and understand for better ROI.


Search engine optimization has been a standard in years gone by. Although the engines change their methods, and best practices may change right along with them, for the most part, the marketer with reasonable search engine skills can still do quite well. Search engine Optimisation will always work out to be more financially rewarding than the likes of PPC, as it is not dependent directly on what the competitor pays for the click. However achieving 1st position over the search engines for mulitiple key phrases is not small feet.

Social Networking Marketing – The Future

A lot of attention and hype is focused upon the social networking marketing craze and it soon may become a standard, but for now, the marketer should remember that this is a different ball game from standard SEO or even PPC. Statistics say that the average internet user spends more time now on community driven or social sites than on almost any other internet activities and that email usage is down compared to social site usage going up.

Knowing where the consumer is and what they are doing is only half the battle with Social Networking Marketing. The other half is engaging that potential customer in a personal relationship. This is key.

The future of Social Networking Marketing is strong, some marketers and companies show a sharp increase in their returns on time invested by using this type of web marketing. On the other hand, it is an entire new way of interacting with the potential customer and as many large companies can testify, is fraught with peril as well as profit.

Pay Per Click Marketing for Tomorrow

In closing,

PPC has always been a solid method for those who understand the market, the concept and their limits has provided a reasonable ROI. It cannot be underestimated, that visitor experience makes a huge difference on how well Google will rank your website in terms of PPC. It is not just a case of how much money you throw at the search engines. If an SEO company focuses on PPC campaigns that bring the most visitors in, they have lost sight of the reason for the campaign.

Marketing must come into play and knowing who is clicking and what they search for is a key factor to your success. Paying for every click is sound business sense when the person clicking is searching for the product you represent, but if they are searching for a term near it, then the ROI decreases and there is potential for loss. It is for this very reason, truly understanding your competitor strategies and of course your target market, finally fully grasping the reality that user experience is where your greatest ROI lies, gives you the tools required to truly market and succeed online.