Becky Smith

  • Title: Digital Agency Consultant
  • Specialism:
  • Phone: 0161 914 8499

Recruitment Bio

Becky has joined the team at Forward Role coming from a recruitment and retail background. Having previously worked in education recruitment, Becky was attracted by the chance to work in the Marketing sector, and has most recently specialised in digital marketing.

She joins Forward Role as Digital Agency Consultant and will form part of the Agency team tasked with enhancing and growing our agency offering across the North West.

Previously Becky was a gymnast for 16 years and still partakes (occasionally!) After studying at university in Manchester, Becky never left and has lived in pretty much every location within the city centre.

Three people you’d invite to a dinner party

  • Olivia Palermo- in the hope she’d lend me all her clothes.
  • David Beckham- what a guy! Who doesn’t want to look at him?
  • Michael McIntyre- he’d definitely provide the entertainment!

Favourite Quotes

‘The best cure for a hangover is being under the age of 25’

‘Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.’