Arif Ali

  • Title: Recruitment Consultant
  • Specialism:
  • Phone: 0161 914 8559

Recruitment Bio

Arif has a background in retail and has worked in technical recruitment for over 2 years; having started recruiting in the .NET Market in West Yorkshire and the North West. An expert in all different kinds of technology, he has come to specialise in Front End technology, working with some of the most creative and technical minds in the North West.

He has a degree in International Business from Manchester Metropolitan University and as part of his degree he got to spent 18 months living in Madrid, where he added Spanish to one of the 5 languages he can speak (as well as French, English (just), German and Urdu (try him)).

He loves cocktails, politics and the gym – probably in that order!

3 people I would invite to a dinner party:

Harvey Milk – Because he would have some inspirational stories to tell

Tony Blair – Longest serving Prime Minister, and a political Centrist. Interesting figure

Frank Sinatra – Who doesn’t love a bit serenading from Old Blue Eyes.

Favourite quotes            

“Got to give them hope” – Harvey Milk

“A new dawn has broken has it not” – Tony Blair

“If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room” – Confucius